The Eve of Light Series

The Eve of Light Series

God is dying.  There is no Heaven, and no Hell.  Where does that leave humankind?

Sick, dying, unloved, and doomed to oblivion would be one way to sum up humankind’s predicament.  But some have been cursed to see deeper…

The sexually transmitted White Fire Virus has gifted its few survivors with parasite-ridden bodies, damaged psyches, and the supernatural but limited ability to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum—visible light, infrared radiation, x-rays, and more.  These tortured beings of the light also have access to the realm of the Creator.  They may save humankind, or they may make matters even worse.

Eve of Light is a dark metaphysical fantasy series chronicling the surreal events leading up to the Apocalypse—the Death of God. The setting is a contemporary, alternate Earth on the verge of a cataclysm that will warp space, time, and minds. The series combines the elements of Superhero Fantasy, Occult Fiction, Noir, Horror, Urban Fantasy, and Weird Fiction…  Click the links below for more details…



BloodLight: The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner

Devil Witch Angel Saint (coming early 2019)



Broken Angels (Book I)

Divinities, Entangled (Book II)

Books III and IV (coming soon)



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