Deviant-Hunter, Killer of Saints

As a Black Peacemaker for the Heartland Security Agency, Frank Sanders used any means necessary to take out domestic threats to American families and their children. Everything from drug dealers to gang bangers, kidnappers to child molesters. And as a freelance hunter, he’s gone to even further extremes. So too have the potential threats.

Teenagers who indulge in bacchanalias are generally not known as saints. But in the shadows where Sanders hunts, boundary-pushing Saints Day parties are all too common, acting as beacons for deviants, those infected with a strange virus that endows its carriers with supernatural abilities while also pushing them to engage in extreme acts of sex and violence.

Sanders never gets invited to parties, but when the government recruits him to infiltrate a gathering, where deviants who’ve previously eluded him might be prominent attendees, he doesn’t even consider saying no. The organizers of this Saints Day party, though, are intending to make it the most insane yet. And for party crashers, there will be more than hell to pay.

Gritty, mind-bending, and twisted… an uncompromising Dark Metaphysical Fantasy.

Book 2 of the Eve of Light: Deviant-Hunter Series.

Genres: Dark Metaphysical Fantasy, Military Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Weird Fiction

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