Broken Angels (Eve of Light, Book 1)

Three years after contracting the White Fire Virus, Watcher agent Robert Goldner still considers himself damned and confused. Damned to live with a body overrun by billions of sentient parasites. Confused that the deadly infection has not killed but instead permitted him and random others to live on in tortured bodies, “blessed” with the supernatural ability to manipulate the properties of light.

The only true blessings Robert believes in are the missing children he and his fellow agents are tasked with locating and recovering in the Washington, D.C. area. An increasing number of virus carriers, however, are calling themselves “angels”—his licentious partner Darryl Ridley being a prime and most troubling example.

When Robert and Darryl receive a hot tip on the location of a virus-infected girl who disappeared shortly after attempting to massacre half of her high school, they prepare to chalk up another bittersweet success. But when they instead find the girl’s best friend from school, beaten nearly to death, they become entwined in a conspiracy involving dark magick, bizarre creatures, fantastic realms beyond space and time, and the death of God..

Book 1 of the Eve of Light Series.

Genres: Metaphysical Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Apocalyptic

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