Other Metaphysical Horrors

Weird fiction . . .

Wayne is a silver-tongued master of the dating game, one who knows how to deliver just the right words in just the right way in order to transform any woman he wants into candy in his hands, to be devoured, savored, and forgotten at his pleasure. When he goes out on a blind date with the mysterious Nayantara, however, he will learn there are no such things as sweet nothings.

An accountant by day, Mr. Rodgers spends his nights and weekends indulging in a unique passion. Traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood as an unknown entity, he uses unconventional methods to help long-suffering wives rediscover the love they once had for themselves and their husbands. Some might consider him a selfless hero, ahead of his time. The residents of Poagstown, however, have cutting-edge ideas of their own.

Tommy Turtello served ten years for a bloody crime he doesn’t regret. He, in fact, used his time behind bars to hone his skills, learning new methods for making himself a more effective “maintenance man,” one self-appointed to rid the world of those he deems as soulless. He has spent his first year of freedom putting his new talents to use, leaving a trail of bodies and earning a heroic status in his community as a nameless, faceless avenger. But when he seeks to expand his activities beyond familiar territory, he finds that others have their own bizarre methods for maintaining order.

Unsightly and awkward, Aoife Finnegan has never been successful in love, only in attracting the indifference or hostility of every man she’s ever met. After partaking in an experiment, she finds her luck has drastically changed—but while on an exotic cruise for singles, she may find her stark reversal in fortune is actually the rudest curse of all. 

As a single, late 20s adult living in his country of birth but still feeling perpetually out of place, Faraji has lately dreamed about nothing but establishing a true connection with just the right woman, someone who understands him deeply, to the core. Shortly after creating an account on an unusual dating site, he begins communicating with a woman who claims to want the same thing. But even though they speak the same language, the ideas behind their words are on two vastly different levels.