Eve of Light: Deviant-Hunter

The first three books in the five-book EVE OF LIGHT: DEVIANT HUNTER series are available now via Amazon. Frank Sanders knows all about going to extremes to ensure certain ideals. As a one-time Black Peacemaker for the Heartland Security Agency, the government taught him a variety of unsavory methods to preserve the sanctity of American families and protect their children against domestic threats. He learned a little too well. Designated as too extreme for even a black-ops unit, Sanders was forced to retire. Some retirees choose to spend their time fishing. Some busy themselves with house and garden projects. Sanders Read more…

Now Available: BloodLight, the Audiobook!

An African-American teenager’s alienation is taken to the extreme in this cross-genre prequel to the Eve of Light series. An utterly surreal and bizarre work of Dark Metaphysical Fantasy. BloodLight: The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner, read (quite wonderfully) by Rhett Samuel Price.   Deep down, Robert Goldner knows he’s a mistake. His mother told him so when he was just five years old. But he never found the courage to ask just what she meant before she was murdered under mysterious circumstances on his eleventh birthday. Now, on the eve of his seventeenth birthday, Robert is dead set on becoming Read more…

Two Great Bundles on Sale Now!

I am honored to have short stories included in two great bundles that are currently on sale now! Please click on the images for more information. Bundles are a great way to sample different authors at a low, low price. You can purchase directly from BundleRabbit or your favorite online retailer. Be sure to browse the BundleRabbit site for other interesting bundles currently on sale. Happy Reading!

New Short Story: BEHOLDER

Wayne is a silver-tongued master of the dating game, one who knows how to deliver just the right words in just the right way in order to transform any woman he wants into candy in his hands, to be devoured, savored, and forgotten at his pleasure. When he goes out on a blind date with the mysterious Nayantara, however, he will learn there is no such thing as “sweet nothings.” Beholder is available at Amazon and Kobo and elsewhere.     Read the first few pages of the story here.