Coming Soon . . . Trinity & Its Twin: A Provocative New Volume of Poetry

Coming very soon in paperback–A subversive narrative . . . Whether one regards it as a sequence of forty-two narrative poems or the somewhat broken body of a metaphysical epic, there will be no disagreement that Trinity & Its Twin is a provocative work.   Ostensibly the fragmented tale of a homeless refugee and a runaway teenager who join a separatist religious sect, the story interweaves sociopolitical statements and philosophical ideas. Beliefs are questioned. Psychological depths, explored. Taboos, broken.   Though some may find themselves lost in a dense garden of hellish delights, others may see a darkly beautiful allegory Read more…

Now until 9/23: SPRING’S FALL for $2.99

The story of one young man crossing the burning bridge between innocence and experience, Spring’s Fall is a narrative dramatic poem comprised of several stand-alone poems about fitting in and falling out, finding oneself and losing oneself, and discovering the meanings of life, love, and identity. An unusual but familiar coming-of-age narrative, Spring’s Fall is a poem written in an unfashionable style that represents both the uniqueness and awkwardness felt by many adolescents trying to find their place in a world seemingly made for everyone else but them. On sale for $2.99 for a limited time at Amazon.

Spring’s Fall via NoiseTrade

Fans of poetry (particularly my poetry) can now–for a limited time–check out Spring’s Fall for free* via NoiseTrade:   *While you can download the entire book for free, a tip would be greatly appreciated. Please note that, if downloading via NoiseTrade, you will also be added to a mailing list so that you’ll be the first to know of my new releases. Of course, you can opt out at any time.

The Black Ball: The Synopsis

It’s been in print for eight years and, during that time, it’s likely fewer than eight have read it all the way through, and even more likely even fewer have understood what they were reading.  It is for those very few (and for those who may daringly attempt to read it in the future) that I have posted a detailed synopsis of the The Black Ball, a dramatic narrative poem or, if you prefer, a verse novel. The Black Ball: The Synopsis…