Lilith’s Arithmetic

Lilith’s Arithmetic

The Revelations of Artemisia Wright

Series: Eve of Light

From the author of BloodLight: The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner comes a haunting parallel novel that will leave you breathless. As intense and surreal as its predecessor, this dark and uniquely compelling tale delves into horrifying reality of a cursed young woman’s existence.

A product of her brutal confrontations with Hell’s triumphs and Heaven’s mistakes, divinely gifted killer Artemisia Wright lives solely for the purpose of hunting and ending her equally gifted archenemy. Success, however, brings no satisfaction, only the cruel reminder that she has done it before and must do it again.

As she strives to break free from her relentless fate, she encounters new, more powerful enemies and uncovers disturbing truths about her existence. Is she a captive goddess, a deranged lab experiment, or something far more dangerous?

Lilith’s Arithmetic: The Revelations of Artemisia Wright is a gripping page-turner that illuminates its predecessor while standing on its own as a thought-provoking read.

With stories set in a world where humankind’s twisted fantasies and most disturbing nightmares have manifested as pulsing, hard-edged realities, Eve of Light is a dark fantasy horror series unlike any other. Mind-bending and provocative. Dark fiction at its weirdest.

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