An Eve of Light Story

Series: Eve of Light

Dark fantasy meets cosmic horror in this surreal and suspenseful tale.

Henri Benoit doesn’t believe the rumors about angels and demons walking the Earth. He considers the plan to pacify Americans by drugging all bar drinks to be a mere fairy tale. He’s never been gullible. Though, as a failed candidate for the Heartland Security Agency’s Peacemakers, he desperately wants to believe in some grand design for the country, and he prays for a part to play.

When the military stages a war game in the vicinity of his home, Henri and his neighbors are herded into a building “ready to withstand the worst of what nature and man can throw at it.” But when his neighbors disappear and the building undergoes a bizarre transformation, he believes a force far more powerful than the military has started its own game. His prayers may have been answered by an unexpected god.

With stories set in a world where humankind’s twisted fantasies and most disturbing nightmares have manifested as pulsing, hard-edged realities, Eve of Light is a dark fantasy horror series unlike any other. Mind-bending and provocative. Dark fiction at its weirdest.

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