BloodLight: Expanded Edition

BloodLight: Expanded Edition

An Eve of Light Novel (includes bonus story Lilith's Arithmetic)

Series: Eve of Light

Psychological, body, and cosmic horror combine in this edgy and intensely surreal prequel to the Eve of Light series.

There are states of mind beyond insanity. Few would argue that any teenager deserves such experiences. But as his now-deceased mother once told him: Robert Goldner’s very existence is a mistake. Possessing Hell’s brain may be his destiny.

Excelling at academics and athletics, Robert has struggled for years to reverse whatever curse his mother saw within him. It hasn’t been easy. As one of the few Blacks on a predominantly redneck wrestling team, remaining clear-headed and independent in a high school divided by race and conquered by cliques has been one of his many constant battles—fights he finds increasingly difficult to win as he approaches his seventeenth birthday, a day that may very well present him with a dark revelation.

With a haunted body and tormented mind, Robert will fight for his very soul, even if he has to embrace horrifying truths about himself, his family, and the very nature of Reality.

With stories set in a world where humankind’s twisted fantasies and most disturbing nightmares have manifested as pulsing, hard-edged realities, Eve of Light is a dark fantasy horror series unlike any other. Mind-bending and provocative. Dark fiction at its weirdest.

Due to its language and themes, BloodLight is intended for mature readers. This expanded edition includes the parallel novel Lilith’s Arithmetic.

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