Welcome to the site of Harambee K. Grey-Sun, speculative fiction writer and poet.

The words best describing my fiction are dark and weird. I use elements of fantasy, horror, noir, and science fiction to spin bizarre, mind-bending, sometimes challenging, and occasionally blasphemous tales. The meanings of identity, love, and life; the nature of consciousness, humankind, and God–these are some of my themes. Most stories fall within one or more of the following subgenres: Slipstream, Occult/Supernatural, Superhero, Metaphysical Fantasy, and–of course–Weird Fiction.

Most of my poems are narratives, either pieces of a larger story (like the poems in Spring’s Fall) or short stories in verse (like some of the poems in Wine Songs). I’m always experimenting with styles and subject matters, but I never experiment simply for the sake of experimenting. When I write, I write for an ideal audience: readers who crave poems that incorporate any and every wordplaying trick (rhyme, alliteration, puns, etc.) in the service of telling an entertaining story.

My poetry has appeared in a handful of literary journals, including CrossConnect, Epicenter, RiverSedge, the South Carolina Review, and the Wisconsin Review. I am also an alumnus of the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley.

Hope you see something here that interests you. And, before you leave, please check out the site of my publisher, HyperVerse Books: http://www.hyperversebooks.com

And feel free to contact me at: harambee [dot] greysun [at] gmail [dot] com


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