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Coming December 1, 2023, a new short novel in the Eve of Light series…



She sings like an angel
to the delight of devils.

Life has caught up with former avant-garde artist Lourdes Ruiz.

Once a unique and promising young singer with a strong cult following, she is now a middle-aged single mother of a sick child, reduced to entertaining deranged and twisted underworld criminals.

Temporary body modifications for song-and-dance routines are sacrifices she willingly endures to afford her son’s care—but she can only keep on for so long. Her employers are becoming increasingly sinister. The acts, riskier. And her body exhibits bizarre side effects long after her performances are over.

When a mysterious woman with reptilian eyes offers a potentially life-changing gig, a grand event sure to exercise all her special talents and erase her every worry, Lourdes seizes the opportunity to escape her soul-devouring spiral—realizing too late she must now endure a fever dream twisting into a horrifying phantasmagoria.

And she must perform one last sacrifice.

With stories set in a world where humankind’s twisted fantasies and most disturbing nightmares have manifested as pulsing, hard-edged realities, Eve of Light is a dark fantasy horror series unlike any other. Mind-bending and provocative. Dark fiction at its weirdest.

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