Welcome to The Sink: Hard-Boiled Urban Fantasy Detective Stories

Published on Amazon.com late last year, Welcome to The Sink is now widely available!

Crime, corruption, and worse plague Synchrony, Michigan. But Uthman Breen stands tall.

A dynamic and gripping collection of five hard-boiled stories featuring Uthman Breen, an offbeat private investigator who operates in a city overpopulated with dangerous minds, deadly talents, and unique crimes.

In “Whispers in Red,” Breen discovers his client’s cheating husband is caught up in a pyrokinetic’s murderous conspiracy.

Breen accepts a former witch as a client in “Coventry” and almost immediately regrets it.

Breen’s own poisoned mind is his worst enemy as he searches for a city official’s son in “Psychotoxic.”

“Last Will and Testament” pits Breen against a young and multitalented psychokinetic, on whom he can’t lay a finger.

“Collectors’ Blues” finds Breen questioning his own renegade ways and violent methods—perhaps too late, as some in the Synchrony police department determine he’s finally gone too far.

Twisted Crimes. One relentless detective. Welcome to The Sink.

You can get your copy here.

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