Lovers and Haters – Kobo Promotion

Colder Than Ice is part of the Lovers and Haters Sale, which Kobo is running to coincide with Valentine’s Day. Featuring books for both the lovers of Valentine’s Day and its haters (I’ll give you one guess as to which side Colder Than Ice will appeal), the sale is running in the UK, Australia and New Zealand until February 15.


I never should have cheated.

No—that’s not true.

I should have cheated differently.

What if you woke up one day and realized fate tricked you into marrying the wrong person?

Meredith, a middle-aged and unhappily married mother, played her own trick on fate, embarking on a lengthy affair with a dark, handsome stranger. But guilt, that most tenacious of hunters, finally catches up with her—as does something far more threatening.

Illicit relationships harbor no innocents. And when Meredith attempts to break free, she learns fate’s more vicious tricks await her.

Fans of Shirley Jackson will enjoy this psychological suspense that haunts readers long beyond the final page.

Check out the Lovers and Haters Sale HERE and the book HERE.

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