Coming Soon . . . Trinity & Its Twin: A Provocative New Volume of Poetry

Coming very soon in paperback–A subversive narrative . . .

Trinity FINAL EbookCover-2

Whether one regards it as a sequence of forty-two narrative poems or the somewhat broken body of a metaphysical epic, there will be no disagreement that Trinity & Its Twin is a provocative work.


Ostensibly the fragmented tale of a homeless refugee and a runaway teenager who join a separatist religious sect, the story interweaves sociopolitical statements and philosophical ideas. Beliefs are questioned. Psychological depths, explored. Taboos, broken.


Though some may find themselves lost in a dense garden of hellish delights, others may see a darkly beautiful allegory about the synthesis of true and false loves.


A volume that may prove to be as divisive as it is baroque, Trinity & Its Twin extends an invitation to all, but offers no promises.


The paperback will be available within the next few days.  Check back here for more information.




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