Available Now: DEVIANT-HUNTER’S SABBATH, an Eve of Light Story

Deviant-Hunter's Sabbath Complete (2)

Commando Frank Sanders was forced to retire from the Heartland Security Agency in disgrace. His overzealous methods of dealing with supernaturally-gifted criminals were deemed politically inexpedient—but not so much so that he couldn’t continue the fight on his own time and dime with a wink and nudge from his former superiors. He only wants to make the world a brighter place for his daughter. But when some supernatural creatures target his daughter for reasons that go beyond revenge, he may find himself in a fight that’s impossible to win.

Published by HyperVerse Books, Deviant-Hunter’s Sabbath is about 12,500 words (roughly 40 pages) and is currently available as a $1.99 ebook via Amazon.  The fantastic cover was designed by The Cover Collection.

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