Available Now: ROGUE BEAUTY, an Eve of Light Short Story

Rogue Beauty

A fugitive from the Sprytes, one of the most dangerous supernatural cults on Earth, Betty has refashioned herself as a revealer of dark conspiracies and a killer of misogynous conspirators. On her crusade, she has successfully stayed off the radar for months. When the Sprytes close in, however, Betty may find herself entangled in a conspiracy too dark to escape.

Published by HyperVerse Books, Rogue Beauty is about 15,500 words (roughly 50-60 pages) and is currently available as a $0.99 ebook via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, GooglePlay, Kobo, iTunes, and elsewhere.  The fantastic cover was designed by The Cover Collection.

Download and read an excerpt (the first ten or so pages) at NoiseTrade.

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