Attention Blog Followers!

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has elected to follow this blog.  Longtime followers will know that I used to post a new poem every Monday–so, at one time, this blog was really worth following (for poetry fans, at least).  Now the blog is primarily used to post announcements of new books, new covers, etc.  One day in the near future, I will get back to posting new poems and maybe even short stories.  In the meantime, I implore those of you who are following this blog to sign up for the HyperVerse Books Newsletter.

Yes, my publisher’s website will be going live in a matter of weeks, and all of the really cool announcements re: new books, free books, limited time sales, and other goodies will be made via the website’s newsletter, which will most likely be sent only once or twice each month–in other words, only when there’s something interesting to announce.

If you’d like to sign up, please send an email to harambee.greysun [at] and put “HyperVerse Newsletter” in the subject line.  Your email address will NOT be shared or sold.



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