Monday Poem: Unbelievable

Once, Johnny screamed

that he was stuck down

in a well-beyond-healthy relationship

with a young blond teacher. 


The authorities that heard

saw straight to him

then through him

and laughed.


“It’s not a man’s problem,

and would actually be a joy

for any smart boy properly oriented

toward maturity.”


Bookish types were apparently

well-known for their prowess

in spinning tales about wolves

and role-reversals.  Probable truth:

Johnny acts out in class, is punished,

then makes a rash decision to get back

at his punisher.  If only he’d admit

to his real problem.


“When you find a factual story,

grab it.

And keep it straight, kid.”


His parents supported him with a stance

of ignorance: one lost in funny pictures,

the other between the lines of romances.


Johnny was left with no choice

but to cut off his own voice

and travel the convenient route back

to and through school, journeying on

until he became a young teacher himself,

encouraging his favorite pupils to stay late

and work hard on their own stories,

sure to elicit laughter

while suspending belief.

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