In Case You Missed It: The Death of Fantasy

“What on earth is metaphysical fantasy, you might ask, frantically trying to remember something about the John Donne poems you were meant to read at school?  Metaphysical fantasy is grown up fantasy. It’s what happens when imagination and philosophy meet.”

Very interesting but all-too-brief article by author A J Dalton.  I hope he writes a longer one soon.  Metaphysical Fantasy is exactly the type of fantasy I write (see Broken Angels), but I confess that I’m clueless when it comes to other American authors who are currently writing in this sub-genre.

If you can recommend any good, current Metaphysical Fantasy authors, please send me a message, or comment below.  In the meantime, read Mr. Dalton’s entire article here.

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  1. R Scott Bakker (I think that’s the right spelling) is American… or maybe Canadian. Anyway, he wrote the Darkness That Comes Before, and that’s pretty rock and roll, but also challenging. It won’t be to all tastes, but there’s some cracking writing interspersed with some cracking violence… and then philosophy. The sad thing is that writing is often a solitary pursuit and it’s hard to meet other authors or like-minded people. Thank the gods (well, UK creativity combined with American know-how) for the internet!

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